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Our services for men are designed to meet the special needs of our male customers.

Without products tested on animals

Professional hair care

Professional tools

Emphasis on individual approach

Men’s cut using trimmer, without wash

15 €

Men’s cut using trimmer, including wash

18 €

Haircut for men Express

23 €

complete cut without washing, styling

Haircut for men Normal

26 €

complete cut, washing, drying, styling

+ beard small/big

3 €/6 €

+ a vial of Tea Tree

6 €

supplement for washing, supplement for any haircut with washing Try the unique combination of Tea Tree ingredients providing for healthy growth and regeneration of your hair and bringing an exceptional experience for your senses. Selection from the following types: Tea Tree special, Lavender Mint, Lemon Sage

+ Scalp massage

5 €

Basic manicure (30 min)

25 €

Classical nail treatment, nail and hand skin care. Consists of nail styling, nail skin and nail plate treatment.

Machine manicure Expert (45 min)

30 €

Instrumental nail treatment, cuticle and hand skin care. It consists in removing the cuticle, indentations and rough skin around the nail using a grinder and tools. It guarantees a perfect result in terms of nail treatment and enables subsequent in-depth painting or gelling of the nails.

Japanese manicure (45 min)

29 €

Contains a two-step treatment of nail plate using a Japanese paste and a polishing powder. The nails are incredibly shiny even for several weeks. It is the type of manicure with the longest lasting effect. It includes classical manicure

Classic pedicure Expert (60 min)

38 €

Basic classical pedicure containing complete foot and toe nail treatment. The treatment also involves a relaxing foot bath, skin smoothing peeling, styling and shortening of nails, removal of unnecessary skin, final treatment and styling, application of a nourishing moisturising cream.

SPA luxurious wellness pedicure (75 min)

59 €

A SPA pedicure is the ultimate in foot pampering and includes complete foot and nail treatment. Also included is a relaxing foot bath with your choice of essential oil, special skin-smoothing exfoliation (sea salt, cane sugar crystals), nail trimming and smoothing, dry skin removal, finishing touches, nourishing nail varnish/polish, warm coconut oil massage, and application of a luxurious, nourishing and moisturising cream.

+ hand massage

10 €

+ foot massage (15 min)

13 €

+ relaxation and reflexology foot massage (30 minutes)

25 €

+ moisturizing foot wrap

7 €

Pure man (about 60 minutes)

62 €

surface cleaning, tonic, enzyme peeling, deep cleaning, astringent mask, cream based on skin type.

+ serum based on skin type

10 €

Complete man’s treatment (about 120 minutes)

88 €

Complete care for a demanding man. In one treatment, the skin is cleaned using deep cleaning, finished with a nourishing mask. After that, the skin is spoilt by massage and a mask based on skin type. - surface cleaning, peeling, deep cleaning, mask, massage

Eyebrow styling (15 minutes)

10 €

With all types of treatments, styling for free.

Male depilation

Back/chest (20 to 45 minutes)

29 €

Male legs whole (30 to 45 minutes)

46 €

Arms/lower back (20 to 45 minutes)

19 €

Paraffin wrap separately (30 minutes)

15 €

Paraffin wrap

from 7 €

Paraffin heats up, relaxes, opens the pores and improves circulation. It has health and aesthetic effects as well. It is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, for dry or cracked skin on the hands or feet.


OxyGeneo face

59 €

- exfoliation off your face will not only smoothen your face, it will also regenerate thoroughly. This unique technique smoothes your wrinkles, improves skin texture and eliminates pigment stains.

OxyGeneo complete (face, neck, neckline, hands)

79 €

exfoliation of the external skin layer, infusion of basic revitalising nutrients, skin oxygenation coming from inside, mask based on skin needs

Permanent waves for men

from 90 €

Available in all branches


High demands and styles of the modern generation require quality products and special care. At BeBe Hair, we use the number one among professional men’s hairdresser brands – Paul Mitchell.

Only available in the Zuckermandel branch


New in our offer are cosmetic procedures using the exclusive natural Annemarie Börlind cosmetics, which is made from raw materials from certified organic farming or from the wild. These products of exceptionally high quality and of purely plant origin contain no harmful substances, chlorine, petroleum derivatives or silicones.

Available in the Apollo and Zuckermandel branches


Combine hair styling with a classical or Japanese manicure Have your nails treated by us.

Only available in the Zuckermandel branch


In our salon, we care about beautiful, cultivated, soft and healthy skin of your feet. Enjoy luxurious care in the form of classical pedicure, Japanese pedicure or a pleasant SPA wellness pedicure.