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Paul Mitchell products are preferred by leading hair stylists around the world.

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At three places in Bratislava

Be chic every day blowing short / mid / long


washing, blowing, styling

Wavy blowout, curls


short hair / mid / long hair

Blow-dry + straightening iron


short hair / mid / long hair

+ a Strong vial

6 €

for hydrated, strengthened and glowing hair with panthenol, lavender and oregano


We extend and thicken hair by applying 100% natural hair with emphasis on the highest quality and shine.


The special Paul Mitchell Blonde range contains natural ingredients, adds a unique gloss to the hair, moisturizes and does not burden dyed hair. Blonde products make blond hair shine. Thanks to macadam oil and KerActive proteins, sensitive hair is protected and deeply moisturized.


Thanks to its efficient use and individual choice, the MITCH range of men’s care and styling is the ideal choice. The Paul Mitchell brand is one of the professional hair styling brands in the field of men’s styling.


Neuro are styling tools supported by the state-of-the-art technology for intelligent styling. Neuro tools are manufactured under technologically advanced conditions that meet the highest industry standards. SmartSense microchip technology checks the cleanliness of the filter to ensure top results and extra-efficient styling. To maintain a stable temperature, it regulates temperature 50 times per second.


Tea Tree offers an encouraging wellness experience for your hair and skin. It is a unique combination of hair fibre moisturizing ingredients and thanks to its unique fragrance and natural extract of tea tree oil it stimulates the senses, strengthens and treats the hair.


We use Paul Mitchell® from Color XG ™ and shines XG ™ (without ammonia). They are extraordinary creamy colors developed on the basis of beeswax, cottonseed oil and rice milk with PURE-XG protection system.


We apply special intensive treatments with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger series, which is an exclusive KeraTriplex ™ active ingredient complex. So the hair gets shine, softness, elasticity and healthier look.


Natural straightening and hair regeneration. Brazil keratin smooths hair with natural protein and straightens fine, wavy and curly hair for a few months. In addition to straightening, the hair protects, nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber.