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Professional hair care

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Be chic every day blowing short / mid / long


washing, blowing, styling

+ Hair Loss Prevention Vial

8 €

+ Hair and Skin Hydration Vial

8 €

Wavy blowout, curls


short hair / mid / long hair

Blow-dry + straightening iron


short hair / mid / long hair

Haircut for women

49/54/59 €

washing, haircut, drying (blowing), styling (short/mid/long hair)

Change of hairstyle


washing, change of hairstyle, drying (blowing), styling (short/mid/long hair)


8 €

Men’s cut using trimmer, without wash

16 €

Men’s cut using trimmer, including wash

19 €

Haircut for men Express

24 €

complete cut without washing, styling

Haircut for men Normal

27 €

complete cut, washing, drying, styling

Haircut for men Complete

49 €

detailed haircut down to the skin, simple beard treatment, washing, massage, ampoule against hair loss, drying, styling

Beard small/big

4 €/7 €

+ Hair Loss Prevention Vial

8 €

+ Hair and Skin Hydration Vial

8 €

Extra demanding

10 €

for any thick or long hair

Haircut for children – dry

15 €

Haircut for children

17 €

haircut, (washing), styling

Colour – root touch-up/full head

from 90 €/110 €


from 159 €

New highlighting

from 179 €

+ extra long hair

15 €

+ extra thick hair

15 €

Hair colour Ombre / Balayage

from 169 €

color, washing, regeneration, blowing, drying

Sunkissed Balayage

from 129 €

lightening of the strands near the face and in the front of the head, toning 1 tube, blow drying, styling

Colour removal + colour, toning

from 245 €


69 €

1 tube

Gloss toner

69 €

1 tube - for reviving the color and obtaining maximum shine of hair

Be.Blonde toner

69 €

1 tube – to reduce unwanted yellow shades in blonde hair

+ toning with color/highlight

30 €

1 tube

+ color

25 €

1 tube

+ maintenance cut with colour/treatment

25 €

+ new cut with colour/treatment

29 €

+ trimming the ends with treatment

17 €

Price information after consultation. The price includes washing, blowing, finishing. The price increases only if a larger quantity of consumed material is needed.

+ Hair Loss Prevention Vial

8 €

+ Hair and Skin Hydration Vial

8 €

Extra hair straightening

9 €/12 €/15€

with the procedure, separately: short/semi-long/long hair

Extra curling

12 €/15€/18 €

with the procedure, separately: short/semi-long/long hair

Extra demanding

from 15 €

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the density of the hair, and the material used

Protective oil

10 €

For damaged hair and sensitive skin during lightening.

Cleansing peeling

12 €

Peeling the scalp will remove most of the dry skin, blood circulation and clean the skin, thus promoting hair growth

Olaplex mixed in the colour

29 €

Express daily hairstyle for every day

from 20 €

Hairstyle for formal events

from 50 €

Wedding hairstyle

from 80 €

Glamour waves

25 €/30 €/35 €

short / medium / long

+ washing

19 €

+ small/large hair pad

10 €/12 €

Total hair Be.Clean Men Treatment

49 €

Cleansing shampoo and conditioner, cleansing peeling, moisturizing ampoule and scalp massage. Including editing the haircut.

Total hair Be.Strong Men Treatment

39 €

Shampoo + conditioner to strengthen hair density and strength, ampoule and serum against hair loss, scalp massage. Including haircut adjustment.

Total Hair Repair Molecular Be.Luxury Treatment

69 €

It restores the molecular structure of the hair, restoring its strength, elasticity and natural movement. Hair is stronger and more nourished, easy to comb and exceptionally soft. Concentrated preparatory care, shampoo, rinsing serum and heat-activated leave-in mask, drying, styling.

Total hair Be.Strong Woman Treatment

69 €

It stops hair loss, strengthens hair growth and restores its density and strength. It strengthens the hair and increases its resistance to breakage. Shampoo + conditioner + mask to strengthen hair density and strength, ampoule and serum against hair loss, drying, styling.

Be.Blonde Absolu Treatment Kérastase

79 €

Bring back the right shade and shine to highlighted hair. Thanks to this treatment, your bleached hair will get rid of unwanted yellow tones and at the same time will be maximally hydrated and shiny. The treatment guarantees deep hair strengthening, neutralization of brass tones, brightening of blonde tones, intensive nutrition and shine. Procedure: neutralizing shampoo bath, restorative mask for sensitive bleached and lightened hair, restorative serum with 2% hyaluronic acid, strengthening heat protection serum and oil concentrate for intense blonde.

Be.Luxury Chronologiste Anti Aging Treatment Kérastase

89 €

Treat yourself to the luxury of revitalizing your hair. The treatment brings softness, shine and a velvety touch to the hair without weighing it down. The result is a hydrated and regenerated scalp and unified and strengthened hair fibers. Procedure: rejuvenating revitalizing shampoo bath, mask and capsule with mimetic caviar pearls for long-term heat-activated transformation, leave-in revitalizing heat protection serum and beautifying and nourishing perfumed hair oil.

Be.Beautiful Premier Treatment Kérastase

79 €

An absolute novelty for all types of damaged hair. This treatment restores the hair's original strength, strengthens its internal structure, removes calcium and also reduces persistent hair damage. Hair is stronger, healthier, shinier and renewed after application. Procedure: pre-shampoo ultra-restorative concentrated calcium-removing care, restorative shampoo bath, heat-activated anti-breakage filling mask, restorative anti-frizz serum, restorative oil for intense shine.

Fusio dose Kérastase

22 €

Care for all hair types, tailored for an instant hair transformation. Up to 30 possible combinations. The hairdresser will choose a suitable concentrate focused on your primary needs hair. You choose a suitable booster focused on the secondary needs of your hair.

Brazilian Keratin

199 €

long-term hair straightening, smoothing and reconstruction

Deep conditioning treatment short / medium / long


Deep conditioning treatment with UV protection will ensure immediate renewal of your hair. It effectively penetrates the damaged areas of the hair and fills them with regenerating substances. Regenerates damaged and brittle hair from the inside and strengthens the scalp. After the treatment, your hair is healthy and beautifully shiny. Deep conditioning treatment contains amino acids, proteins, saturated vitamins and minerals, which provide the hair with the necessary nutrition and give your hair a unique look.

Hyaluronic acid (IRS- Integrity Reconstruction System)

79 €/89 €/99 €

Integrity Reconstruction system is an innovative system that restores the basic components of hair and returns them to maximum beauty. Targeted, adaptable treatment delivers balanced active ingredients according to the specific needs of the hair. Already after the first application, there will be an amazing improvement - the hair will be shiny, soft and firmly inside. Contains: • Hyaluronic acid for superhydration and penetration into the hair • Organic muru butter muru muru repairs, nourishes and strengthens • Organic buriti oil repairs free radical damage • Milk proteins give hair fibers strength and resilience • Organic fruit extracts have a protective, toning and conditioning effect * a complex of amino acids, plant keratin with 18 wheat and soy amino acids with an antioxidant, strengthening and protective effect, which gives damaged hair what they need.

Olaplex treatment

53 €

+ Be.Clean washing

18 €

shampoo + peeling + conditioner for clean and soothed scalp without scales

+ Metal detox care

18 €

preparatory care before dyeing to protect the hair fiber and neutralize copper particles, shampoo + care + cream to strengthen hair density and strength, against breakage

+ wash Be.Blonde Kérastase

21 €

shampoo+mask to neutralize yellow tones, protect and nourish blond hair, strengthening thermoprotective serum

+ Chroma absolu Kérastase wash for colored hair

21 €

shampoo+mask for intensive surface care, color preservation and anti-frizziness, regenerative rinsing care for a radiant shine

Seamless1 hair extension

S1 hair extensions 43,5cm

520 €

(40 strips)

S1 hair extensions 53,5cm

700 €

(40 strips)

S1 hair extensions 63,5cm

900 €

(40 strips) * The price includes washing, cutting, blown, styling * The price increases with the need for more material


7 €/strip


2 €/strip

Treatment with cleaning Shampoo

15 €/20 €

short / semi-long and long


Price information after consultation. The price includes washing, blowing, finishing. The price increases only if a larger quantity of consumed material is needed.

After Touch (2,5 – 3 hod.)

from 220 €

Lightening, toning and blow drying with the revolutionary AIR TOUCH method, special hair treatment after colouring (conditioner or mask and special oil for hair fibre renewal, finish). Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours

New Hair Air Exclusive (3 – 4 hod.)

from 240 €

For achieving a flawless, fresh, healthy and stylish look. Lightening, toning and blow drying with the revolutionary AIR TOUCH method, cut, an exclusive and complex hydrating treatment with the subsequent application of an ampoule containing isolated proteins almost identical to the keratin in human hair. Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Air Touch Color (3,5 – 4,5 hod.)

from 280 €

A time-consuming method, but the result is worth it. Colouring, lightening and blow drying with the revolutionary AIR TOUCH method, special hair treatment after colouring (conditioner or mask and special oil for hair fibre renewal, finish). *finish: curling, ironing included in the price *cut included in the price Duration: 3,5 - 4.5 hours

Permanent waves – short hair

150 €

120 min

Permanent waves – medium hair

180 €

120 min

Permanent waves – long hair

210 €

120 min

+ extra package

20 €

Permanent waves for men

from 90 €


We extend and thicken hair by applying 100% natural hair with emphasis on the highest quality and shine.


We use L’Oréal Professionel colors and toners.

L’Oréal Professionnel INOA is a professional and luxurious color without ammonia, powered by the power of oil with an impressive color result. It guarantees up to 48% shinier hair and at the same time optimal respect for the scalp.

L’Oréal Professionel Majirel is an iconic professional permanent hair color. up to 100%
covering gray hair – all fashionable and classic shades without limit.

L’Oréal Professionnel DiaLight ammonia-free tone-on-tone color for personalizing all hair colors and perfectly toning highlights with incredible shine.


We apply special intensive treatments with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger series, which is an exclusive KeraTriplex ™ active ingredient complex. So the hair gets shine, softness, elasticity and healthier look.


Natural straightening and hair regeneration. Brazil keratin smooths hair with natural protein and straightens fine, wavy and curly hair for a few months. In addition to straightening, the hair protects, nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber.


Neuro are styling tools supported by the state-of-the-art technology for intelligent styling. Neuro tools are manufactured under technologically advanced conditions that meet the highest industry standards. SmartSense microchip technology checks the cleanliness of the filter to ensure top results and extra-efficient styling. To maintain a stable temperature, it regulates temperature 50 times per second.


Thanks to its efficient use and individual choice, the MITCH range of men’s care and styling is the ideal choice. The Paul Mitchell brand is one of the professional hair styling brands in the field of men’s styling.